Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Balade a velo jusqu’a le gare de Jouet avec spectacle spectaculaire

Our hosts Sophie and Pierre (on the left) organised a lovely pic nic for us. Everyone came along, including uncle Bernard and the wrong son Andreas. We had a nice and gentle ride along the Voie Verte from Belin Beliet to the Gare de Jouet, all tout droit and very flat.
The pic nic was delicious …. clafoutis with cherries from the garden, gooey chewy almondy crunchy biscuits with the coffee….


Ray Mundo is ready and waiting to get on with the show…. note the empty pic nic cageot on the front and the magic floating hat !DSCN3035

Here’s our beautiful audience, all replete after the pic nic …. can you see their happy faces !?

And here some highlights from the show….
Friendly pixies and scary monsters….DSCN3092

DSCN3089                    DSCN3093
Dans le nid de poules…. the pothole of the rat bike chickens….DSCN3123

And then a quick fire repeat performance of the show for the late comers from Hostens….P5180636

On the way home, following Andreas, la reine du jour enjoying the ride and her guitar – or is it his guitar?P5180651

E voila! A perfect day!

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  1. Vachement chouette. This is so inspiring. I have a Yuba Mundo. I can play banjo, recorder, jew's harp. thanks for doing what you do, tally ho, Dave Deming