Thursday, 14 March 2013

Gert Gorams Gorgeous Gorge

A tragedy in six pictures

What a lovely couple of hours we had. It's fun and creative making stuff together, bouncing things around, sharing ideas.
A lovely variation on a local giant story has been created with lots of potential for development and being retold. We managed to meld the two local legends about the giants Goram and Vincent and it all makes perfect sense now, of course.
Here's some of the pictures to the story here like.
We'll type up the text and put it up shortly maybe like.
Like here it is!

Gert Gorams Gorgeous Gorge
Goram and Vincent, the local Brizzle giants and show offs was down the pub 'avin' a gallon or two of cider one night...
Vincent: " Let's do somethin' gert impressive."
Goram: " Like what!?" 
Vincent: " Somethin' big, really big like, bigger than last time!"
Goram: " Ooooh, yes! Let's make a really big mound of rocks and bones!"
Vincent was not impressed and says: " That's rubbish! That's just a big pile of rubbish."
Goram: " Oh, you're right Vincent. "
Vincent then has a brilliant ideal: " I know, let's dig a gorge for Avona, because she's so gorgeous and we'll call it the Avon Gorge."
So offs they set about diggin' a gert gorge from Brizzle to Bradford on Avon and maybe beyond.
Gorum: " But we've only got one pickaxe !"
Vincent: " Thas' alright. I'll start this side and when I've dug a bit I'll chuck it over to you on your side."
So he did.
The pickaxe hit Goram right in the head. Oh dear! That was the end of Goram, no more cider for him then.
Vincent distraught, sad, really, really sad at killing his best friend Goram by accident like, finished diggin' the gorge and then he sat down and cried the river Avon. He sat and sighed giant sighs for such a giant long time that he eventually turned into a rock, Vincent Rocks.
The End