Thursday, 3 November 2016

Au revoir l’ocean


Nous allons par la!
Which way south?

Happy to be dancing in the long awaited rain, together with our friends Quimper en Roue Libre in the market square.... That way south!

Return to Pays Bigouden to visit Atelier C.R.A.D.E. still going strong...

Wahahey! Look it's them again, Rocinante and El Rucio saying: That way south! Pronto! Pronto!
DSCN0718 DSCN0721
The little man riding the frog is coming with us and the fox is howling - Soooouwth!

Hahaha! We're at the 'nearly opening' of the new bicycle repair workshop at Lorient.... Syklett...
Canapes and cider for the moment, soon to be filled with bicycles....

Also in Lorient we found the place of our dreams... it's just like being at home.... it's our kind of place
it's like a french scrapstore! With red plastic bottles destined for Berlin in a scrap swap shop ting.
DSCN0727  DSCN0734

DSCN0735 DSCN0742 DSCN0743
Yey! Critters in the daytime, spontaneous pedal power cinema in the moon light....

A little ferry crossing over to Port Louis where Charles a.k.a Rust in Peace has a lovely little bicycle repair workshop going in the market every Saturday.

Ooooh and then another boat to save ourselves some 100 or so km around the Golf of Morbihan.
Luckily we's the only passengers. Anyone else would have to climb over our bikes to get on board...

Aaah, a pair of wheels. One rusting and one wooden... Which one's which?
DSCN0741  DSCN0786

Whilst cycling across Brittany, conversations with old friends have been bringing up the topic of printing and cycling again and again....cycling, the letter press, mechanical processes, d.i.y
So we end this blog with a little homage to the bicycle by Dennis Gould...
Dennis Gould is an anarcho-cyclist-herbal poet and letterpress printer in Stroud.
Print available here at Boneshaker Magazine