Wednesday, 25 April 2018

O Mar Alentejano hasta la Sierra de Bejar

Pronto, pronto, faster, faster, quick quick, poliki poliki!

The memories of a dry winter in Portugal are fading away like a boat drifting ...
Mar de Alentejo

... on a sea of charred landscapes. When will the waters come?

Na serra de Mamede torrentes de agua... a month of rain, a sigh of relief.....
Rio Sever Torrent

Jemima sees us on our way...

Adeus linda Portugal!
Yee Ha !!  Sylvia and the paw patrol

Hola Espana! Ahora vamos rapido, up and down into the mountains!

Carcamouflage! It's not really a bicycle..... time on the road, we see the little birds again....
DSCN2955 Roadkill

The beautiful Sierra de Gata and it's people welcomed us into Spain with open arms and tortilla!
In Villasbuenas de Gata we did our first show of the season with the lovely folk of La Cantina Silvestre.
We went to Hobbit land, Trevejo a granite village perched on the top shelf of a granite mountain. Wow!

And then up on to the topshelf of Spain, up the Puerto de Bejar with it's snow covered mountain tops!