About our Show

On the back of our big bicycle we carry a little Kamishibai theatre with which two clowns tell the story of Aaron Errant, a cyclist who sets out on his bicycle to follow his dreams.

 Aaron Errant is a harebrained quixotic story full of delirious nonsense and unhinged adventures.

This show is multi lingual, about 45 minutes long, fun for all ages and can be performed anywhere that has room for a big bicycle... a bike workshop, a garden, a corridor... We like playing in unusual places.

"Absurdo, un placer intelectual!" 
 Guzpacho Tortilla, Associacion La Curva Valladolid

'Un intermede délirant plein de fraîcheur , d'humour et de drôlerie qui a attiré et retenu les promeneurs.' 
Le Télégramme 2014

Here some more photos
What is Kamishibai?

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