Thursday, 5 June 2014

Belin-Beliet, in the land of Les Landes

We woz 'ere for a couple of weeks, with the teddies and the old suitcases and all the books in Belin-Beliet
With Pierre, Sophie, Lucien, Luise, the chickens, the ducks, the goose and La Mule and Andreas.
Pierre and Sophie have a barn full  of treasures, dealing brocante and old books and things. Fun!
If you're looking for an old book in french, here's your address....

Most of the time we spent with these friendly three wheelbarrows, deroncee, arrachee, desherbee...

.... desarbree! With these 'ere specialist tree extraction implements. The boys think they're strong....

So does the girl.... The man is lying on the floor dead. The poison swamp tree has claimed one last victim.

But the chickens are now safe. All they have left to eat is worms and beetles. Ooh! Ooh! We found a big BIG, GIANT even (if you were really, really small) stag beetle. STAG BEETLE ! He had very sticky feet.

There woz a lot of chairs. And we spent a lot of time we did, nearly a whole afternoon, putting them in rows and counting them. Why you wonder, why?
And why did we have to play baby foot? And why put the lion behind bars?       For the music concert!
DSCN2736          DSCN2754         DSCN2745

Everyone came to the concert with port-aux-quiche (a specialist carrier bag for quiche and other pies).
Kevin came in a pork pie hat and Gitou brought his amazing ancient pedal driven knife sharpening cart.
DSCN2761           DSCN2795

DSCN2796  DSCN2797

The concert was so much fun, that we wanted to carry on having fun. So we sets up the pedal driven, beat driving, sweat inducing * Velo-Disco * and had fun fun fun until five in the morning.
DSCN2787              DSCN2794

'Cause all this 'ere 'as been taking place 'ere in Les Landes, where there is a stilt wearing, walking, dancing tradition, 'ere's some pictures of stilt walking wearing folk from the olden days in Les Landes we're been shown.

These 'ere young gentlemen are the winners of a stilt marathon from Biscarosse to Arcachon.
And 'ere a lovely parade and what looks like a gendarme on stilts.

 And then on our way to Bordeaux we stopped over at the Farm of Fools for the night. Perfect place for a couple of fools to spend the night. We were amongst fools.

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