Saturday, 21 June 2014

Fete de Velo a Bordeaux

As we were enjoying ourselves in Bordeaux and the Fete de Velo a Bordeaux  was coming up we stayed a little longer to join in the fun.
After some French chanson on the quay everyone who had gathered went for a bike ride along the river and up a hill to a little estate. There were loads of us and we had loads of fun cycling with Hawaiian musical accompaniment, courtesy of Ray Mundo the velo disco.

Cyclists everywhere, on the road, on the zebra crossing,on the pavement, in the cycle lane, making full use of all the shared space.
The Portuguese were there and the organisers had beautiful decorated bikes and saddle bags made from recycled adverts at Recup’R.
DSCN3050                     DSCN3039
A quick stop to marvel at the uni cycle basket ball match. There was a lot of bouncing and twisting and lots of people saying “ Mon dieu, that looks really difficult!”
It is, but they played it effortlessly as you can see in this video

And then we met another uni cyclist with this giant wheel, with brakes and hubgears! Even more difficult….
The tall bike. Very beautiful but hungry like a shark in a gravel pit. And Kevin did get bit.  And spent the afternoon in ‘urgence’ and the show it was forfeit. We didn’t do the show, Kevin felt stupid and had to have 15 stitches in his arm but in the end everything was fine.
The cute little bikes were no trouble at all and the bouncy one behaved himself too.
DSCN3064     DSCN3066
Another beautiful day amongst friends. We’ll be back in Bordeaux one day soon!

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