Friday, 23 May 2014

Plus on partage, plus on possède !

The more we share, the more we have!
Says Cedrik from the Ecolieu de Galinette in Taller.


We certainly had a lot. A lot of work that is, helping with the 'three sisters maze' covering the ground and planting the seeds in time for the right time to plant the seeds in a biodynamic fashion, which was now. All hands into the earth! Happy hands.
Three sisters  maze

The three sisters recipie
La milpa, recette millénaire d'origine Inca c'est l'association favorable de 3 familles de plantes : courge + mais + haricot
Dans notre cas c'est du golden bantham pour le maïs doux
Du haricot à rames borlotti ainsi que du noir basque
Et pour les courges c'est potimarrons, melons, butternuts et concombres.
Les 3 familles s'entraident, repoussent la vermine et n'occupe pas plus de place qu'une monoculture !

And then it was time for sharing the fun on the pedal powered chestnut grinder or
le châtaigne moulin a pédale
here it is

Here it is in action, making chestnut flour for Serges breadoven which is in his little house in the first picture...

Weren't gonna share any of this....DSCN2638

But we went for a ride on this homemade beauty what does the schoolrun to Castets - 7km each way

We had a lovely couple of days at the Galinette and we hear the maize is doing well already.
Next time we'll stay longer. But for now it was time to say goodbye and go and visit a new friend, Thomas at
La Courgeyre, Onesse et Laharie and stay in his olde, olde house in a typical Landese style.

There wasn't any cows in the house, so we took the bikes in...

And in the morning, before breakfast, we went to adore Thomas's steam engines and a wall of death under construction. Exciting days!

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