Monday, 26 May 2014

A happy week with the Recyclerie Repeyre a Belin-Beliet

Grace a L’Heureux Cyclage we found ourselves amongst friends at Repeyre, a little, fast growing recyclerie and atelier a velo auto reparation, in Belin-Beliet.

Our first day here we spent ‘a depalletage’, which does not mean pulling out hair, but turning pallets into pieces of wood ready to be made into something else. In this case a pedal powered watermill to send water up a tree we think…. It’s all part of a greater plan to create a spectacle in September.
The next day we brought our pedal power and had some fun, pedalling our blues away, while everyone else was fixing bikes….


DSCN2691                 DSCN2682

And then we joined the convoy to deliver these two bicycles in the neighbourhood…
The weekend came and we were invited to be part of the Repeyre team. There was room for us and the bike in the van, so we went to Rion de Landes to the Fete du Printemps at the Ecolieu Jeanot and pedalled all the blues away….

Eco-lieu Jeanot stands for - Jardin Educatif d’Agroécologie Nourricier et Ouvert à Tous and there is a lot going on here, ‘tis cool and loads of fun and inventive, we like very much these places
  here’s a link to their page

They had a tandem powered water pump to water the garden….


and some other things made from old bicycle bits…
DSCN2834        DSCN2836

And of course there was a giant! What giant? A big one, with a limp, scaring all the kids around….

….. including these fine young italians who took refuge under the gold hat and pedalled the giant away.

Vive Repeyre !
Vive L’Heureux Cyclage !
Vive Les Eco-Lieux !

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