Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pit Stop in Augsburg

After a month of serious pedalling and a little train journey across the Schwarzwald we have reached our Pit Stop, the Grandhotel Cosmopolis in Augsburg.

The Friedensakademie starts on Saturday and together with some other artists we're getting ready, preparing ourselves for a week of workshops with some 20 to 30 refugee children. Expect the unexpected and lots of fun!

And then it's time for the Augsburger Velocamp with a weekend full of bicycle action!

Blogging hasn't been easy at the best of times but the last four weeks have been particularly tricky as we have been on a bit of a mission to get here on time. But now all is different, we have a room, a bed, a fridge, an in house bar and an excellent internet connection, so there is time to share some blogs we been meaning to write.

 Ist das nicht ein Basler Fasnacht ?

Velo Science for the Universe at Pres-La-Rose, Montbeliard

Velocampus at Besancon et L'association Gaia a Baumes-les-dames. 

Glorious Gardeners - La Gloriette a Tours

Looking for Hok Braz and other Giants

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