Thursday, 24 October 2013

Winners of the Portugal Chai Guava Award!

We survived a massive storm on our last day in Spain! What a down pour, cats and dogs, buckets and frogs and rain, rain rain all night combined with 40km/h winds from the south.
So as you can see, after a scary night like that, Kevin is happy to be on the little ferry to cross the river Minho into Portugal.
And so is Sylvie.

And we're even happier when we spotted this tallbike on the side of the road while we're cycling along in a tiny portuguese village.

It belongs to the Cafe Lampias, which is dedicated to the memory of Che Guevara.

One cup of coffe later and we have won an award!

The Chai Guava Award for entering Portugal succesfully!



Things are getting better and better - Pirate ice cream!

In the middle of October!? By the atlantic ocean!? 

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