Thursday, 24 October 2013

Searching for Tin Tin in St Nazaire

We had a good old cycle around St.Nazaire, up and down the beach, through the industrial boat yards and the old german submarine base, looking for pictures of Tin Tin. There is supposed to be seven, we found some of them, the others must be somewhere on the big road.... and then we found a bonus one, the rocket from 'Destination Moon'! 


Dans les pas de Tintin à Saint-Nazaire... 
here you can see them all and find out about Professor Calculus's adventure

We'd like to come back to St.Nazaire next yearand do a 50's style Bicycle Beach Bikini Ride along the Promenade with surf music, quiffs, icecream and pedal pushers.
Maybe in time for the “La Grande Marée” a huge picnic on the beach in early June.

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