Wednesday, 2 October 2013

La Fete de la Loire, Orleans

We arrived in Orleans in time for the Fete de la Loire which only happens every two years.
We even got driven to Orleans the night before we actually cycled there to see the Fireworks display and meet some fish.

Here is a Breton Fisherman Fish, yes we're looking forward to being in Brittany again soon...

A Love Velo annagram fish, who we obviously loved

And Madame Clounfish, who we love too.

So the day after our nightly excursion we actally cycled to Orleans really slowly, discovered a great market just south of the river next to the cyclepath avec tout reclam, reclam reclam, tout 1 Euro 
We went to have a look at the boats of the Fete de la Loire and found some Venezian Gondolieres

This lonely Gondoliere was rowing upstream for about half an hour. Tres impressionante!

A pipeplayer on a Gabarrge

And there was lots of sonic sculptures, some of them made with old bicycle bits. This one is Kevins favorite and was making clonking noises with saucepans.

An automatic bicycle wheel guitar device
They must have a Scrapstore somewhere nearby...

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