Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Velocampus at Besancon et L'association Gaia a Baumes-Les-Dames

Besancon, we like Besancon, very down to earth and we met up with Quentin and the Besancon Velocampus where we improved our bikes with a bit of velo brico.
Picked up a great handwashing tip.- put soap on your hands as usaul dip your fingers in dry used coffee grains rub around in your hands wash et voila ! Really works !

Genius use of inner tubes too, very comfortable very firm, nice !

And then we arrived in Baumes-les-Dames and came across a little arts and crafts market and L'Association Gaïa à Baume-les-Dames, our second encounter with an asociation - we spent some time and drank coffee with some ladies in Saint Symphorien on the Doubs - we like associations !

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