Thursday, 12 October 2017

Não pessoa, não carrinho, não cow!

Half a year has passed since we arrived in Portugal. We haven't cycled a lot. Maybe we got put of by this sign... it's the first one we've come across that is trying to tell cows to stay away.

DSCN1653 DSCN1655
The Ecovia is still falling apart, so we took to the hills and valleys.

Spring in the Algarve was full of wildlife...
DSCN1687 DSCN1744

  DSCN1771 DSCN1746
.... and efforts to get ready for the tourist season...
little bit of nice tidying up going on in this garden....first appearances you know!
 dead car

Our friend Joao from Maozorra invited us to play at Marionetas em Oeiras close to Lisbon. We was very happy to be on the road for a week with our bikes and we had buckets of fun in Oeiras, playing, meeting all the children from the neighbourhood, watching puppets from all over the world!
II-Festival-MO_III_131 Hand


18891499_1856003907993614_8406257005984286037_o Dom Roberto


We came away inspired and ready to make a new show!

Virtual reality is encroching on real reality... the conceptualism of health and safety, the surrealism of bicycle theatre, umbrellas and cats...
“No intelligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in with it”
Fernando Pessoa
Oh dear! Which is which? 

DSCN1917  DSCN1914



Thank you jogger for assisting us to negotiate the entrance to the cycle lane...

Surrealism is the natural order of things... for us cyclists anyway.

The first one we like.... the latter, paradoxically we don't, as it is a sticker more than often pasted on to the back of peoples petrol guzzling machines.
Mattress delivery....

Moving on with flowers in our heads, got a new pen, promise we write more soon....
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Monday, 1 May 2017

Parking is the new camping

Dusk and a cool descent ahead... what a day, along the rattle track.....

... past all the camping cars, parking in campsites, camping in parking bays and wild parking in the wilderness..... camping is the new parking!

Bolnuevo, a little glimpse of unspoiled mediterranian, a couple of beautiful and bumpy kilometres...
DSCN1321  DSCN1323
... until - bwop! you´re in amongst this! Spanish vegetables....
   DSCN1343       DSCN1347
... the entrance to the most hazardous garden shed we´ve ever seen.....
We avoid buying Spanish vegetables wherever we can... which makes cycling in Spain a bit tricky...

aaah and then up up up.... the local guy on his little evening training run overtook us twice climbing this here hill.... the views are fantastic... except those aren´t lakes, that´s plastico.....

A little bit of cycling infrastructure to entertain us..... there´s plenty of entertainment in Spain....

Idyllic wild camping spots abound along the coast, unfinished abandoned building projects.... five star hotel that is! Kept away the wind, comfy sand as bedding.... perfect....

    DSCN1371  DSCN1368

Now the real beauty!!! Cabo de Gata, ssssh... is definitelly still unspoiled... for the time being at least.
Plus we stayed in a real windmill ! With a gale blowing... luckily it´s not a working mill any longer. But almighty was it windy when you stepped out the door...
DSCN1376   DSCN1377
Beaches, coves, whole villages only accessible by foot, boat or beasts...
DSCN1380  DSCN1411
DSCN1381  DSCN1466
DSCN1470  DSCN1408
wild camping in the wild....
... the road out is a tough one... closed to vehicles, gravel and cliffs, innertube melting steep descents. It really feels like we´d been somewhere different, a little Shangri la.
If you go, visit on foot or on bike!
DSCN1459  DSCN1475

The other site of paradise lies Almeria, a fun, friendly and real city! We really enjoyed our stay!
Much thanks to La Oficina, a creative place where things happen... soul brothers and sisters! 

And then of course surrounding the city of Almeria the garden of Europe where tomatoes get delivered from heaven by the skip load, cucumbers grow in big holes in the ground, already shrink wrapped in plastic... and funky bike culture is betrayed by over priced campsites.... it is a real garden of Edamn....
DSCN1520  DSCN1505
Ups and downs, here we go to Malaga. At last the motorway is free now and we have the road to ourselves. A lovely cycle into Malaga, apart from the actual entrance into the city.. as usual... and then some real genuine bike culture... Yeaaaaaah! Recyclo! A very funky, cosmopolitan place with some lovely lovely bicycle folk! Soul brothers and sisters!

On the way out of Malaga we decided to camp in the parking with the other campers and parkers at El Chorro! The campers were asked to move on... the parkers were not, they´re only parking, or are they? It´s difficult to tell these days.... The Camping el Chorro, in the village is a ruin, the nearest campsite is 12km up the hill. Climbers paradise...
DSCN1541  DSCN1544
We got rescued by a fellow cyclist, just returned from cycling in India that same day. He put us on the right track, a less bumpy road, invited us to his house for the night, fed us delicious food, packed a lunch for us for the next days ride... a cycling soul brother! And the Via Verde from Olveira to Puerto Serrano was magnificent, too!
  DSCN1560  DSCN1562

Another little bit of entertainment and truth... decontaminate the planet!

Overnight stay in an Aerodrome in Gibraleon. What a night, full house of cycling vagabonds!
Soul brothers and sister!

We got there! We got to Portugal just in time for.....
.... and not just one carnival but two! Loule and Armacao de Pera and us turning the N125 in between into a mini cycling carnival parade with sound system at full volume and all the car horns beeping. We´re dressed as "Parkers" Yo!
DSCN1620  DSCN1636
DSCN1615  DSCN1626