Saturday, 13 August 2016

Big orange bikes, .... I ain't no monkey but I know what I like...

At last, after a week of cycling through floods a sunny day! Just in time for la fete du velo in Tours. 


Buckets of washing, buckets of bikes, got all them bikes coming out on the streets...we been in Tours..
and friends will appear...we like the way you ride them bikes...and the way you welcome us here.

We paid a visit to La cyclinique du Docteur Vitus to have our brains washed after all that rain... courtesy of our wonderful friends at Roulement à Bill | Atelier cyclo-militant d'auto-réparation


DSCN0484 DSCN0500

And then more buckets of rain... and here some  Buckets of Rain - Neko Case for you...
It was wet and green at the village Troglobal, a little bit like an Aztec jungle
Damp and smoky caves struck us down with cave fever....


And then, struggling up a soggy, sandy cycle path our way is blocked. It were the havoc caused by the previous nights storms... buckets of rain... buckets of tears...I got all those trees coming out of my ears...
Not a very friendly cycle path this one... ominous signs of little smiling cars going 'hihihi your dead! You'll be on the front page tomorrow'...

Tour de France tour de France... we tested the new road... it's working fine... now let's get out of here!

Concours du velos delirant et inteligent a St.Lo.... avec la Asso V'Lo



and then a route cyclable delirant.... they need a Maison du Velo and they got one now!

Really confusing sign posts... we must be nearing Sustrans territory...

The sea, the sea! 
Just a little ferry crossing and then we'll be by the sea on the other side, if they let us in that is....