Saturday, 14 May 2016

The first time we rode was in the snow and rain... We're on the road again

The frogs were out....


... grazing on cyclists....                 .... beware baby drivers on the road.
DSCN0156       DSCN0163

First show of the season in Dietenheim. They came from all around on bicycles of all kinds....

DSCN0151 the blog of our hosts who travel on an ever crazier bike than ours.
They tell us stories from their time in Afghanistan, we eat more Afghani food and remember our friends at the Grand Hotel Cosmopolis.
It might look like sunshine but there was rain on the Rhein....

Collectif Velorution Strasbourg in Action!
DSCN0232    DSCN0233
Bicycle repair peeps....
..... bicycled music....
                                                                          and bicycle films!

Arrival in Nancy? Do I have a crevaison? Non! Si! Non! Si!

There is a D.I.Y. bicycle repair shop just around the corner. Quelle belle chance!
L'Atelier Dynamo!
DSCN0302   DSCN0321

This is where Dynomades find all they need to fix punctures and other things. And it is here where idiots find great opportunities to play the story of Aaron Errant Cycliste Errant Itinerante...
DSCN0305  DSCN0306

En plus, it is really easy to find tools and parts all neatliesty arranged in boxes. A dream!

Some beauties....
DSCN0186   DSCN0308
DSCN0318 DSCN0309

Meanwhile just outside Vaudeville...

Amongst the snow and rain the sunniest day was up the hill to Gerardmer the wettest town in France....
We arrived to play at the 10th anniversary of the Bar le Grattoir...

DSCN0334  DSCN0336

Choo choo, hop and over the mountain down to St.Die des Vosges to visit our friend Nicolas who does all sorts of wonderful things with bicycles
... at yet another Atelier Velo Participatif

Beautiful exhibition of photographs of restored and polished bicycle parts...
DSCN0342  DSCN0344
... and bicycle art...
DSCN0354   DSCN0346

It were lovely and gert green up 'ere...

and then wheeeeeeeeee down the hill into the driving rain... we're on the road again.