Friday, 14 February 2014

Bikey Hut

In Barão São João we met Ben Edwards who is bringing a bit of bicycle culture to this far flung place, playing bike polo, restoring old portuguese bikes, running a bike repair shop and thinking about creating a little cyclists retreat, a place to stop on your way to Cabo de Vincente.

You can find him playing polo on the village playground/football pitch/fleamarket square or at his house. Just ask for the Bikey Hut, formerly known as the Reiki Hut.

Reiki Bikey Pudding and Pie
 kissed the girls and made them cry...
Does Reiki work on bicycles?
From Barao you can find your way to Lagos either following signs to Bensafrim which will take you on the main road which isn't too busy or signs to Monte Judeu which is a nice ride through the hills and then meets the Bensafrim road.

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