Monday, 13 January 2014

LAC in Lagos

We're back! We're alive! We have survived two month of wwoofing and howling. It's not been easy, mixed and all quite tangled up and dramatic.

Now we're on the move again. We're staying with LAC in Lagos for a couple of weeks and we're moving and shaking. We like to move it, move it, shake, rattle and roll it!

Coming up soon is a Kamishibai performance at the Open Day of the Laboratorio de Actividades Creativas in Lagos on Saturday, January the 18th 2014.
We will be on at 6pm. 
The LAC studios are in the old Lagos prison, next to the Lagos police station/ GNR.
Keep your eyes peeled for further details and more entertainment to be had. 

We did a screening of Bluescreen films on Saturday 11th January at the LAR Gallery, Lagos
We were delighted to introduce the Cube Cinema Bristol to the local art crowd, by presenting a selection of the best of Bluescreen 2012..
Bluescreen have hosted Open Film Screenings of Independent Short Films at The Cube Cinema in Bristol, England since 2001.

And then the week after next week, on Thursday 23rd January we'll be presenting Fotografias do Meu Computador, an evening of random photos from our netbook.  
Todos temos centenas de fotografias guardadas no computador que raramente vemos ou mostramos a alguém. Às quintas-feiras, por volta das 18.15, na Galeria do LAR (Rua Professor Luis Azevedo, nº 37) um convidado mostra e comenta fotos do seu computador.
We'll be calling it Vive la Velorution! and we'll be showing photos from our adventure.

Ciao, ate logo!


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