Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Festa de Bicicleta Linda-a-Velha

What a nice place it is, the Oficina Comunitaria Linda-a-Velha!


We arrived just on time, in the early afternoon, after a little detour over some hills. They really don't know how to do road signs here.... 

The man with the knife sharpening bicycle was already there and we got our knife sharpened with an audience of fascinated youngsters.

Senhor António, Amolador de bicicleta de Linda-a-Velha

So ups we set our pedal power sound system and off they went the youngsters giving out all that lovely energy and movement. a fascinated knife sharpener looks on !

O Tomás a dar energia ao sound system

And then offs we went to perform our show, ta da !!
.... lordy lordy we had forgotten how to do it, let alone to a Portuguese audience !
thankfully 'les poulets bicyclettes' from the chickens nest saved the day
'as Galinhas a soldarem a bicicleta do nosso herói!'

Yay! A happy audience, greatly appreciated our efforts and we was richly rewarded.
Thank you Goncalo, the Cicloficina and Linda-a-Velha em Transicao!

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