Saturday, 31 August 2013

A trip to the Utopia Tool Box

We took a short trip from our room at the Grand Hotel to the UTB Utopia Toolbox in Augsburg

our room top right...

 Stiltwalkers and refugees join together to design a future full of fun, no borders, and play.......

Refugee children hard at work designing our future

UTB Utopia Toolbox

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bristol Bike Project and Augsburger Bike Kitchen twinned

Mission accomplished, our emissarial duties carried out to perfection, T-shirts exchanged, fahrrad fun had,,,lots of fahrrad fun !!! see link to more photos below

Tall bikes ridden
Velo-disco in the park 
 discovered in the workshops - Velolina von Stahl

.....for full report and more photos of fahrrad fun at the 1st Augsburg Fahrrad Camp

More Photos 

Mehr Bilder vom Augsburger Fahrradcamp


The Mayor of Augsburg, Dr. Kurt Gribl joined in with the fun and officially signed the twinning documents..

John receives the Augsburg Bikekitchen T-shirt and document to take back to Bristol, emissarial duities passed on successfully, bon courage !
T-shirt exchange... and the official handshake

All done

Offizielle Freundschaft mit dem Bristol Bike Projekt

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Storytelling at the Grandhotel-Cosmopolis, Augsburg

First day of our week with the refugees at the Grand Hotel, a happy sunshiney Saturday all part of the   
Friedensakademie/Peace-Academy im Grandhotel

Riaan the tiger on the soundsystem

Silla Attila

Careful up those stairs and don't ask any questions !

Ayden thank you for the photgraphs

...and Thomas on the vibes,

Looking for Hok-Braz in Erquy

Better late than never, we found Hok-Braz with the help of the delightful children in the school at Erquy, hair colour a big issue , I think green hair finally !
or maybe blue !
Raymundo the Kamishibai bicycle in the classroom
a room full of budding artists

Bicycle tyre map creation with Bernice and Denise

the vole has returned YAY !

Flag making

 and bicycle skills courtesy of the Duke and Duchess

A great day with Burn the Curtain and the school, we've already planned to go back next year.