Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Woodlouse that rescued a Bearded Lady from the fire and other stories

Oh !? What wonderful storytelling adventures we had on Sunday at the Nanoplex workshop at the Cube.
Stories were created, written, and illustrated by all the participants and then  performed to an audience before a screening of Studio Ghibli's Arietty.
The stories of the day.
- the green and grey bog-monsters who wanted to be orange like their best friend, 
- the treehouse palace that collapsed and the finding of a dragons egg,  
- the  giant prince, the lizard witch and the singing cow, 
- the lightening bolt that grew into a giant, and kept on growing,
- the woodlouse that rescued a bearded lady from the fire,

A busy, busy stage at the cube Microplex, a veritable Kamishibai sweatshop at work..

Many hands at story, text and picture development.

for more images from the day visit the Giant Gallery!? or click here

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