Le Team

Ahoy me hearties, we are Captain Bikebeard 
a.k.a. The Cap´n and Molly Bikebeard, 
also commonly known as Kevin and Sylvia.
Bicycle pirates we aaargh! And together we fight many a battle (against injustice on pavements and roads), share many a treasure and splice a bicycle here and there.
Dare to look at our portraits do you?

The Capn's trusty vessel is a Yuba Mundo, sailing under the name Ray Mundo. Molly's is a Velonom and carrys the name of Flotte Lotte. 
Apart from beautiful names our two bikes carry everything we have in the whole wide world, as well as us.  

Stowed away on our bicycels be our cabin, the galley - including a kitchen sink, our mufti, the gladrags, our theatre and many a colourful booty. All in all them beauties carry loads of somewhere abouts between 70kg and 90kg.
The bicycles of course are rated to carry cargo of up to 200kg plus driver, we however are not! Pushing 100kg around with just our mighty leg muscles is plenty! 
Sees here for yourselves how impressive they aaaargh! 

That's all for now!
We will be working on a comprehensive list of stuff to give you a better impression of our lives. 
You better be patient though, it might take a year or two, cause we are busy pirates we aaaargh! 

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