Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Let's go get us a pic-a-nic basket

A long long time ago in another Galaxy, in the mountains of Amidon we took all our belongings off of our bikes to hunker down for the winter.


In the town of Lure we hoisted the Extinction Rebellion flag for the climate marches.

Lure Marche pour le climat

Now winter's over and we set forth in search of bicycle fun again. And what fun we are finding!


Our first show of the season at La Q'on Vive in Commercy was a blast! It set us of on our way to Utopia. But wait, 8215 km is too far.
We'll go 3km and have a utopian sojourn in Lahaymeix, enjoying the Vent des Forets art project.

La qu'on vive DSCN0744


Onwards, following the Meuse a Velo to the french capital of marionettes Charleville Mezieres.
We met Punch and the Giant Pupeteer and played our show at Plume et Bulle cafe librairie associatif.


Close by in Sedan, every two years they give a photographic address to the world in the form of a festival of photography https://www.urbiorbi.photo/.

Meanwhile along the Meuse a bunch of wheels and a tumble of bicycles.


Belgium! We have arrived! It's true, there are funny sculptures and fritjes! Welcome to the slow life in Namur.
We didn't eat the snails. We ate chips!


The green green of the woods always makes us smile.
We went the long snail way round to visit Vlanders biggest forest on our way to the Bereklauw.


People are drowning, the ice caps are melting, whale bellies full of plastic. Follow the bear!

DSCN0813 DSCN0801

Find the duck and sit with the bear at De Bereklauw.
A muddy utopia of dumpster diving, community life and being kind to each other.
We slept in the sauna, hiding from the rain, got muddy with the pigs and went on a belated easter egg hunt.


In Mechelen we jumped into the sea, to wash of the mud and then took the minibus to.....


.... the Antwerpart Arte Art Weekend. We went straight for the taart art at Het Bos and ate cake. Yum! We like art!