Saturday, 14 January 2017

Let’s dance

Hey baby won’t you take a chance take a stroll and have a dance…
do  the Gadeburg, in the range, lots of eggs and smelly towels…
  …. the Castillon-la-bataille, wine wine wine……. any old dance will do 
let’s dance…Hey baby you thrill me so, hold me tight don’t you let me go
do the Garbajon… the Castelmoron..any old dance you want to do…let’s dance!!
‘tis l’automne, trees bristle, do the rusty lemon and shake it all out…
……where the snakes in the tree wriggle to the beat…..
… do the rusty lemon and shake it all out….
…. Gold he said!…… it’s pon the other side ….
… any old dance you want to do… let’s dance!
DON'T MISS: It's Official: We Now Have One Billion Vehicles On The Planet.
Now, an industry analyst has calculated that the total vehicle number is 1.2 billion already.
Navigant Research estimates in a new forecast that light-duty vehicles make up 95 percent of that total, and that the vehicles we drive everyday will shortly cross 1.2 billion themselves.
                                        Planet Auto, a 2.5-billion vehicle "global car park"
By some estimates, the total number of vehicles worldwide could double to 2.5 billion by 2050.
China still has far fewer vehicles per person than Western countries; it has 1.3 billion of the world's 7 billion residents, but only 100 million or so vehicles.
The U.S., by contrast, has maxed out at about 250 million vehicles for its population of 300 million.

Estillac,  Mmm c'est bon ici! a few days chez Martine et Max.
Fixed our bikes, played the show in the Blue Fox ,  made the soldiers smile..
the Blue Fox
Bourret   Phileas the adventurer and Leandre the Clown. Emile was there too..... Maaa maaaa! The old bridge to their village is bricked up man high and the new bridge is a horrible big road that climbs up to and then goes back down into the village and has pretty much no hard shoulder and lots of trucks trying to get past you climbing the hill. Jikes! Once we found the house all was good and we had a bouncing kangaroo show,  left early and cycled in the mist...
Gagnac-sur-Garonne    We had to cycle slowly not to arrive too early at our next rendez-vous. We stopped at every opportunity but still we arrived in the afternoon. So we played with the four Dalton boys, hammering little bits of wood, eating brioche, baking smarties and a walk to the fabulous new playground. Jippie!
………………….sausages and beef……………….
……………….stop the octopus…….. run silly run !
….to where the snakes in the grass are absolutely free!
L'Ecluse of something    We met the Monsieur Eclusier who had a funny accent that sounded like scottish  but in french and he told us it'd be lovely by the next lock and that he could give us water in the morning... Monster tractors in the fields at night, spaghetti a la Grecque…  yum yum 
Aaaah Carcassonne   Camped in the garden with a  mountain of blankets....

Le Principat de Catalunya ou Miguel Caldentey est une goélette type « pailebot » construit de 1913 à 1916 dans un chantier naval de Palma de Majorque aux Îles Baléares.

………salt, salt and saltfish ,  
along the sierra saltada, mo mini steltzen stomped on by.
… do the salty steltzen … let’s dance!
Tap tarat taparà, tap pas tarat taparà pas.As vist el balon ?
Narbonne   spent a whole week with lovely Gilbert and Annie, played our show twice, once at the L'Asso Epice and then after the Velorution at Myriam's place , La Menuiserie.
 Association Regionale des Marionnettistes et Arts associes en Languedoc-Rouissillon
……..psst baby, won’t you take a chance…
…. up the tree, round the bend, let’s dance!
… follow the naked directions… any old dance you want to do….
DSCN0985happy birthday
Perpignan   Catching up  and getting excited and scared.... played at La Casa Bicicleta and it was amazing!
All our friends from Alternatiba 66 came <3
Alternatiba 66
La Casa Bicicleta, Perpignan     La bici e libera!

“The world needs togetherness, not separation.
                                                                  Love, not suspicion.
                                                                                               A common future, not isolation.”
                                                                                 Etel Adnan