Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Wo sind wir ?

Wo sind wir? Grandhotel Cosmopolis.
Things go missing everyday, things go wrong and everything always works out fine…
… friendly porters invite you for dinner….
DSCN0115  DSCN0116

…. you make lots of friends…
DSCN0120   DSCN0114
…. it feel’s like you’re on  holiday in an exotic country… sometimes you meet rock stars….
DSCN0124  DSCN0126
…. sometimes poets…..                                             ….. sometimes boxing champions ….
DSCN0127 DSCN0131
…. one big happy family really…
We spent the winter helping, working, cooking, bar tending, putzing, clowning,
checking in, checking out, decluttering, fleamarketing, generally making a nuisance out
of ourselves. We was appreciated though!  And we appreciated being here!

We also had some fun with funtabulous bicycle peeps from the Bikekitchen Augsburg...
DSCN0029  DSCN0027
… here trying to track stand still for a photo at Augsburgs 1st Trackstand Competition…
DSCN0041   DSCN0058
…. and look there’s a Velobici …
And we did our show in a theatre with lights! Out of control lights!
The show is as ever constantly evolving.
We’ve been joined by two new Benshi, Bebop and Alula.
Thank you Hoteliers, Bikekitcheners, Praktikantums and all displaced persons here !
Merci le Grand Hotel!
“ This planet is for everyone, borders are for no one. It’s all about freedom “
Benjamin Zephaniah, Refugee Boy

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Autumn breezes

Quick quick!
Bwak bwak! Quack quack! Doing the autumn quickstep down the Oder river. 

DSCN9809_thumb1 DSCN9810_thumb1
Setting up our show at the Kulturinsel,a mix between adventure playground and hobbit land, full of stories and made up legends. http://www.kulturinsel.com/  Treehouses everywhere....
..... zebra trees....                                                          ...... dragon trees.....
....giant spiders.....              ....and friendly giants pointing us in the right direction to escape from them          
DSCN9839_thumb1 DSCN9842_thumb1
..... content camels.....                         .... and the correct way to deal with cars. Thank you Mr. Giant!
DSCN9848_thumb2 DSCN9852_thumb1
On the way again some insights into the human brain....
organic fracking???
DSCN9854_thumb                                   We can call this a beautiful bus shelter then... 
Welcome to the east ...
                                                  ... and street art, bandit styleee too...
Coffee's good, bandit styleee...  
DSCN9896_thumb2 DSCN9901_thumb1
Cycling into Prague
Cycling out of Prague.

A beautiful depiction of what the country side once looked like on a background of modern reality.
Aaah, die Jecken! We was very happy to see some folk like us but immortalised in stone.
Autumn is traditionally the beginning of idiot season.
DSCN9962 DSCN9974
Autumn breezes – let’s freezes!