Thursday, 8 October 2015

Ups and downs in Luxembourg

We arrived in Luxembourg to find that Bernard the Mountaindog bag had been in touch with some lovely people in Luxembourg Ville, arranged a show and even found us somewhere to stay...


Thank you Bernard and more so thank you Kasia from Cycle Luxembourg,

and thank you Gossia from the Bicycle Art and Film Festival!

It was fun, if a little bit strange in Luxembourg City. Everybody was from lot's of different countries, we rode over the noisiest, bounciest temporary bridge in the world (that had been temporary for the past three years...) and some of the true Luxembourgoise people are a bit uptight. Thank god for all the foreigners!

Here's some lovely pictures from ur show on the Grund. Thank you Tristan Schmurr for the photos!




After the show we got back on our bikes to cross this little country south to north, heading for Belgium.
The countryside was very beautiful and green and very, very hilly! No one had told us that! But once we'd made it over Schlindermanderscheid, the Copacabana of Luxembourg it was all down hill and then really down hill to the camping and then we had to climb out again and up and down and again and again until we finally made it to the Vennbahn. Here we made an art instalation in a bus stop: We road our bicycles into the bus stop,  we hang up all our clothes to dry and sat there naked. and had lunch...

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