Wednesday, 11 June 2014


In Bordeaux, behind the train station, under the bridge, round the corner, in a garage, up a ramp there are more of them there happy cyclists, recyclists, heureux cyclagists. It’s always a pleasure to be amongst friends and exchange greasy handshakes.
We chatted, we made friends, we did our show, we fixed our bikes, we showed the tiny little ones the pedal power, we screened some films, we learned about La Grange des Granges, we bought a couple of Chasse-Goupille fan-zines, they had pictures of bicycle sewing machines and bicycle farm equipment in them – just like in our dreams….
We reckon we’ll be back, maybe in time for the Roulidor.

 DSCN2967            DSCN2970    
Here at Recup’R volunteers recycle fabrics on the first floor, to make hats and aprons and saddle bags and purses and on the ground floor they recycle bicycles. What a perfect combination.
The couture  gets sold in the market from the bicycle trailer pop up shop, to raise money for the workshop

DSCN2930             DSCN2931

This picture of a robot was up in the bike workshop. He reminds us of the robot in the film Le roi et l’oiseau, in which the king uses a robot, as a lumbering machine of oppression. We’ve seen a lot of these big lumbering machines of oppression on our journey, big roads, big industry, big supermarkets, big development, big money…..
The joy of l’heureux cyclage is that small is beautiful and that there is a post futuristic dream world future emerging that looks beyond the futuristic dream of the 50’s and the age of stuff.
The robot is falling! As is the evil overlord. The oracle was right.
We are from the future. Our proof is this badge from 2091, given to us by a time traveller called Cosmo Cyclismo Rediculismo.
Vive le Micro Rave!
Vive Recup’R!             
Vive l’Heureux Cyclage!

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