Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Valladolid - Overuelas Connection

It was raining in Salamanca. It always rains on the plains of Spains. We wanted to ride the Critical Mass, but after two days in the dry hostel we hadn't found any cyclists we could stay with so we took the invitations to go to Valladolid.
We had a truly regal welcome in Valladolid.
The pioooing and jumping peacocks were very happy to see us.
Somebody had stolen the seat off of the giant bicycle. The giants were not pleased at all! They were running around the city causing havock everywhere...
...creating traffic chaos and people were panicing.
Cycling in Valladolid was fun, appart from the one time we nearly got run over by a bus.
And the VLCC (Valladolid Lilliputian Cycling Club) had installed themselves on Sylvias' bike.
Some very important telephone calls had to be made. We all conected to the world wide mobile network to tune in with the Overuelas connection.
All the arrangements were made ...
and we moved into the summer house in Overuelas.
All this regal treatment had gone to Kevins head a bit, who now insisted on being called Don Kevin de Dennisio....
We liked our stay here very much! We met so many wonderful people, got introduced to the wonders of Peniciline (not the pharmaceutical substance), we got treated well and we got to do Massa Critica in the rain!

We left Valladolid on the Canal de Castilla, the oldest Canal in Spain....
And headed for Amayuelas de abajo, a very quiet Eco Village with Spains first rural university. If you ever happen to pass this place, make sure you ask to buy some bread....

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