Thursday, 22 May 2014

Going the wrong way

Everybody started telling us we were going the wrong way, in the wrong direction. But we knew we were going in the right direction, north east, to France.
So it was with great joy that we discovered these arrows. Now we knew we were going in the right direction, in the wrong way. Phew!
We went through the gates of heaven!
Jolly Route Pas de Autovia
and were greated by this gentleman with a plastic bag on the end of a stick.
The gods were on our side!
They were indeed and helped us up to the alto El Matorro.
Is it the highest we’ve ever been?
It was fun and we were definitely high on fresh air and gorgeous views.
If we don’t stop that car thing soon, these are the kind of places that will get destroyed first by fracking …. out of sight, not many people there to fight for their land…  
Anyway, the angels staid up there on the Matorro and we were left to struggle up the last big pass by ourselves.
El Perdon no tiene perdon.
And then yet another excellent example of ‘Strassenfuehrung’, where the only way is to go on the motorway or to take the dirt track next to it which might eventually end in a hedge….
this one in particular ended in the city of Pamplona, at a motorway entrance where there was actually a pedestrian crossing. The crossing with the highest curb in the universe, about half a meter.  
But there was still little blue arrows and once we managed to wind our way into town we found these…
A bright light shining over every little cyclist…..
… leading us straight to the first proper bike shop we had seen for months!
2 Eskua in Calle Carmen, run by 2 brother clowns de Euskera. We immediately spent all the money we had on useful bicycle bits.
Later in the main square, whilst playing football with the little people, we encountered these two aliens and shared an ice cream with them.
They informed us about the jelly fish flowers which, if we follow them, will keep us save from the witches in the forests of the basque country.
And they informed us about the giants living there too and that we better take care because they like moving and hurling rocks about to make menhirs and things and to share our food with them.
So here we are in the woods, no giants or witches anywhere…
just a giants foot path which we followed ….
We crept passed the witch who had already captured one child!
And quickly headed for the railway tunnels to hide…
Vite vite! Fuga! Lauf!
Luckily there was many tunnels…..
…. to hide in.
Tunnel after tunnel after tunnel, built by gnomes (they had to hide from the witches too)
Until we finally made it to the finish line, by the sea and the sand of the north.
At last the Atlantic!!
We’re in France again, greeted by a giant riding a bicycle and flying an aeroplane at the same time.

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