Saturday, 22 March 2014

Festa da Bicicletta Tavira

So the day of fun arrived!  La Mini Festa Da Bicicletta Tavira!
Luckily our little technical problem with the battery that we managed to break at the night of the talk at Cafe Pessoas got solved just in time. Senor Super Mario golf caddy technician very kindly gave us just the bit we needed from his pile of spare parts. All systems go!
Pedal power disco is on!

Everyone gathered around Beterabba, we pedaled some music and danced, took bicycle portraits, bicycles were tinkered with, cleaned and greased. And little by little everybody started to get on their bicycles, as if by magic and we set of on a glorious bike ride around the ciudade da Tavira, spreading the fun, laughter and smiles that we carried with us all around it. A couple of other cyclists joined in on the way and even one of the flamingoes was tempted to join in, pretending to cycle through the water.   

Through the town....
over the bridges...
all around the houses...
occupying roun abouts.....
and doing our laps of honour inside the market...
Tavira is truely a Ciudade da Bicicletta!

Have a look at the Bicycle Portraits here and
watch the videos below!
Lets go out for a bike ride                               


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