Friday, 14 March 2014

Ecoteca an oasis of sanity ! surrounded by camping cars

Nestled within the Olhao campsite sits a beautiful building and garden called the Ecoteca. Home of Kevin the giant chameleon and Sylvia the giant landseahorse.

They were growing vegetables and giant flyagaric mushrooms in their beautiful garden.
Ooh! It's a compost mushroom!
The garde is called after the poet and local dignitary Joao Lucio, who used to live in this formidable house
with four different staircases leading up to it. One of them in the shape of a guitar...
The children who like to visit Mr. Chameleon and Mrs. Landseahorse to learn about gardens and the environment make sculptures and secret places for the fairies all over the garden.
Uma casita pelo uma duende.
We was inspired and left a bicycle for the duendes.

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