Monday, 24 March 2014

Be-Citrus, Bi-Cycle

To top it all off, during our time in Tavira Cidade Bicicletta we undertook a bicycle makeover for our wonderful host Manuel and his shop Be-Citrus.
This is how Transition works, 
Manuel invites us to stay at his orange farm
we say we could beautify his old bike for his shop that sells local produce
then his friend Flor says we can stay at her summer house which is more comfortable than the orange factory
so we move there and make the bicycle 
the bike goes on display in front of the shop and he sells more produce
in the meantime we get up to all sorts of activities, perfrom our show, go on bike rides.
create a mini bicycle festival happening
seeds are planted, everyone is sharing, everyone is happy

Take one rusty, gunky old bike, 

..take it all apart

.. clean, scrape, scrub, tinker with, repair, sand, lay it all out..

..and paint, hang out to dry

..apply another coat, and another...

..put it all back together..making sure to remember how.

..and mmmmm lokk at it and wonder whether it
was worth it...oh well done it now,,,,rides well

..hitch it up to the Velonom for delivery cake as a reward for a job well done, well nearly all done

...just one more thing put orange segments in the wheels, 
bi-cycle be-citrus

...leave bicycle outside of shop

....and wait for somebody to ride it

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