Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Arrival in Tavira

We weren't quite sure what to expect in Tavira, as the accomodation on offer was a building on an orange factory with some chemicals on one end.The rondevouz with Manuel, our host, in the cafe Alvaro de Campos seemed to indicate something portentious was about to happen.

In Portuguese
And now in French.
Álvaro de Campos was one of the heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa - essentially a fictional character who lived in Tavira. There is more to this intriguing portuguese poet. Our interest has been arroused....
Anyway, back to the orange factory. It turns out it is a shed on an orange plantation and indeed our accomodation. 
Here's the inside of the shed, with our tent up because it was getting rather cold at nights.

Here the outside. Surrounded by orange trees and some avocadoes we had plenty to eat.

Strange things where happening below the dropouts. Cha Guava found himself a new home on Ray Mundo the Yuba. He is very happy here, marching next to the chain.

One less car in Japanese and a tiny little flask. Or is it a giants bike!? The omens where looking good.

And then another sign, a beautifully decorated valentines bicycle... Something was stiring in Tavira.
Tavira takes it's name from the moorish word tabira, 'the hidden'.

So obviously, something is hiding for us here in Tavira. With all the omens and that name...
In no time at all Sylvia had found the giants doorway.
Is that what is hidden behind it?
Will she be able to open the door?
And what will she find behind it!?

Watch this space to find out.

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