Friday, 21 March 2014

A bike ride with 'Tavira em Transicao' to Mata de Santa Rita

In no time at all a bike ride had been arranged - yeah !!! for a group of us to cycle out to the Mata de Santa Rita, where Tavira em Transicao get together to take care of some land and also organise an annual
Festival of the Tree.
                                   The ride took us through the salt pans of Tavira, where the famous flor de sel comes from and white flamingos roam free ...                                             
..arriving with the Kamishibai bicycle and with sound system playing through the trees at the Mata.
After some planting of trees and a lot of pulling out of the invasive acacia/mimosa tree a feast appeared for all of us to share.
..and then we did our show 'The adventures of Aaron Errant' and it went down really well, a great audience, all ages, numerous nationalities we got to play and have fun and they loved us.

and then all sorts of plans began to arise, a talk/slideshiow film screening at Cafe Pessoas, new accomodation for us, a Be-citrus bicycle orange project, and a mini festa da bicicletta to be held at Petras shop, Beterraba.
and so the fun continued..

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