Monday, 13 January 2014

Setubal - Fish and Crime and Stonerafts

Once upon a time, a long long time ago we were happily cycling through Setubal. There we met the son a giant fisherman who invited us to stay with him. But before we got to meet the giant we stayed at this beautiful camp in Praia do Meco. We had a beautiful sunset. 
But only a month later at this very beautiful beach a giant wave took seven young people out to sea and swallowed six of them up. 
We finally took a picture of this artists work, he's called Dalaiama and has a blog
We had been seeing his images a lot on our way through Spain and Portugal. Maybe it was a prelude to meeting the giants friend, who is an economist.

The view from the Setubal giants sons window.
Kaktus, Kakakakakaktus.
It's a gaint german cactus, left by the Sioux Indians, at least that's what we've been told...

There's lots of fish in Setubal, they like it a lot and they eat it a lot. We didn't see any crime even though we were told it's a hotbed of crime....
And the stoneraft is a play we went to see. Paulo took us to Palmela to watch a play in portuguese, by Teatro O Bando. We didn't understand much at all but it was fun anyway.  

Then one day after eating lots of wonderful fish, chasing seagulls, visiting tidal watermills, a fun bikeride and generally enjoying ourselves thoroughly in Setubal we went to meet the family.
Here's Kevin with Uncle Che Rasqueira, Sylvia with Tante Fran Gippani.


Paulo with Oma Lettie and Jacinto, the economist with Pete Tisco.

We like Stewbull!
We had fun!
Thank you Paulo, son of a giant!

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