Thursday, 24 October 2013

The giant on the Utopia bicycle in Ulm was right!

We arrive in Spain on giant waves accross the Bay of Biscaya

It's all up and down in Asturias along the coast, just like the giant told us! We did get a bit bored of going down and up and down again and most of it on big roads underneath an even bigger motorway.
We enjoyed the first bit along the Rio Eo from Tapia to Lugo until Pontenova when it started to climb up and up and up, in the heat and sun with nowhere to stop but the roadside. It took us three hours to cycle the 18 kilometers to Meira. Luckily it was very beautiful still and there was plenty of spring water bubbling out of the rocks. 
We made it!

And on the way up we found delicious Parasol mushrooms.

Sarria we learn later is famous for it's bread. We bought our first bolos here in this excellent bakery with friendly bakersladies and the bread comes on bikes. We don't knead nothing else.

The bicycle bread gave us the streangth to tackle more hills!

Then came the rain and we got lost in Lugo, taking the wrong country lane. We thought we would have to cycle through the night in the rain. But no, we got shelter in the Bar o Basilio and Alfonso and Jorge let us camp in the Polytunnel with the tomatoes and peppers. Just imagine the dreams we had that night!

Up up up up up again, the highest we've ever been and actually it was raining all the time apart from when we took this picture and then....

..... the amazing view of the Rio Minho opened out in front of us and we went down down down down really fast, dizzyingly fast

to find friends in Ourense

More about our friends to follow....

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