Thursday, 24 October 2013

Las setas de Ourense

We had a wonderful time in Ourense staying with Pedro and Menchu who welcomed us warmly. We relaxed, we fixed our tent, we at Orellas, we went for walks, we ate lots of yummy food, we went to the thermal baths - las pozas-, we cleaned our bikes, cooked apple crumble and we met the Ourense Alpinistas for a massive lunch of Enpanadas and a hunk of porc and we went mushroom picking with them. 
Our first mushroom lesson with Tonio! 
Pallasos setosos Kevin y Tonio

We promptly walked into a whole forest of mushrooms, all of a sudden they were everywhere! Tonio reckons we picked 300 Euros worth...

Happy hunter gatherers after a mushroom picking frenzy !


The chefs preparing a traditional mushroom cook up

E voila! Estupendo! Que rico!

Ciao Ourense, muchas gracias for these great days we spent with you!

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