Thursday, 5 September 2013

Velonom arrives and bye bye Augsburg

Bye bye says Kevin!
Well, here he is in Christophs Bio-Taxi at the Plaerrer Umzug -
check out the video of it below, it's well funny!

And here a real Freiwilliger Feuerwhrmann on a tallbike, yeah!

Waiting for the parade to start - time for a group photo Bio Taxi, Feuerwehr, Augsburger Bike Kitchen tallbike riders and Ray Mundo Velodisco DJ Dizzy on da Bike

Ohne Worte!
Stefan Sohnle, on the right, smiling like sunshine is a great, wonderful happy, enthusiastic man and also the author of this cool blog of little bicycle things

Here the link to the Plaerrer Umzug video, filmed from the Taxi in hyperspeed
Es sieht so schon aus, wie wer in orange leuchten !
And we had riders from the Voll Dabei Augsburger Fahrrad Club with us on the parade and whenever the Velodisco was in full groove
their website

The Velonom Prana has arrived!
Just in time for us to leave. A happy Sylvie test riding

The ultimate test begins
Yuba vs Velonom
But really they are brother and sister, standing next to each other in perfect harmony.

A few more impressions from the Augsburger Bike Kitchen
We spent quite a bit of time here, tuning the Velonom up and hanging out with lovely folks.

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  1. Hallo Sylvie und Kevin,

    es war eine sehr schöne Zeit mit Euch. Euer Blogpost ist super. Mein neues Tallbike ist fast fertig:

    Liebe Grüße