Sunday, 22 September 2013

To the Bodensee and Switzerland

 After our fully packed, action loaded fun Ausflug to the Bodensee with below pictured Augsburg Bike Kitchen Krew we decided to go back this way.

Luckily it wasn't a bank holiday and there wasn't as many bikes on the train as last time...        
Some Monsters from Austria, the Bregenzer Seebuehne set for the Magic Flute.

A friendly seagull on the Stammtisch. What's a seagull doing on the Bodensee?

Oh look! We're on the way to Konstanz across the Bavrian Sea and what's that following us? Something from the Zeppelin family, it's not a seagull.

A Zeppelin

One of the giant ladies that greeted us in Konstanz. To see the other one you have to take the ferry to Konstanz yourselves one day...

Swiss dragon monkeys on the lookout for vegetables on a monastery roof in Rheinau.

Now here's the outside of the magic mask workshop in Reckingen. Ist das nicht ein Basler Fastnacht!?

Three men in a fountain

Oh yes, we'll go back to Switzerland, we like the fountains in the villages, the people are funny and we'd like to spend more time there.

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