Thursday, 26 September 2013

Stop Press - Les Images de la Premiere du Spectacle

The World Premier of "What Giants !? - Episode 1" 
in which Aaron Errant becomes a cyclist errant finally took place in Besancone, in front of a wonderfull audience with an ambience epoustiflent!

Everything's in the box, the box is on the bike and we can now play and get better and better...

Xavier from Pumpkin Island Hotline says: "It's like Monty Python, but better."

The word on the street is.... "drole, tres drole..."
Thank you for the photos Caro!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fete de Voisins et Bio Marche a Besancon

We had the great pleassure to stay at the Place de Lattre de Tassigny in a house full of fun and friendlyness. And outside it a tallbike advertising a Bio Marche. And then....
..... a giant pumpkin appeared at the window. It had big teeth! Luckily it didn't have any arms or feet so it couldn't really do us any harm.

We couldn't but stay another night to join in with the Bio Marche and the Fete des Voisins. We rigged up Raymundo and pedaled some tunes until late into the night (well midnight maybe).

Powering up Raymundo with a little Dub from Atlantis

For more about the Bio Marche 

And we finally did it! Le Spectacle ca commence. We performed What Giants!? Episode 1 in which Aaron becomes a cycliste errant in front of a full house and earned ourselves a beetroot, a bottle of wine, 8 mirabelles, an apple and some dosh. We know how to do it now!
Hopefully there'll be some pictures to follow.

To the Bodensee and Switzerland

 After our fully packed, action loaded fun Ausflug to the Bodensee with below pictured Augsburg Bike Kitchen Krew we decided to go back this way.

Luckily it wasn't a bank holiday and there wasn't as many bikes on the train as last time...        
Some Monsters from Austria, the Bregenzer Seebuehne set for the Magic Flute.

A friendly seagull on the Stammtisch. What's a seagull doing on the Bodensee?

Oh look! We're on the way to Konstanz across the Bavrian Sea and what's that following us? Something from the Zeppelin family, it's not a seagull.

A Zeppelin

One of the giant ladies that greeted us in Konstanz. To see the other one you have to take the ferry to Konstanz yourselves one day...

Swiss dragon monkeys on the lookout for vegetables on a monastery roof in Rheinau.

Now here's the outside of the magic mask workshop in Reckingen. Ist das nicht ein Basler Fastnacht!?

Three men in a fountain

Oh yes, we'll go back to Switzerland, we like the fountains in the villages, the people are funny and we'd like to spend more time there.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Velonom arrives and bye bye Augsburg

Bye bye says Kevin!
Well, here he is in Christophs Bio-Taxi at the Plaerrer Umzug -
check out the video of it below, it's well funny!

And here a real Freiwilliger Feuerwhrmann on a tallbike, yeah!

Waiting for the parade to start - time for a group photo Bio Taxi, Feuerwehr, Augsburger Bike Kitchen tallbike riders and Ray Mundo Velodisco DJ Dizzy on da Bike

Ohne Worte!
Stefan Sohnle, on the right, smiling like sunshine is a great, wonderful happy, enthusiastic man and also the author of this cool blog of little bicycle things

Here the link to the Plaerrer Umzug video, filmed from the Taxi in hyperspeed
Es sieht so schon aus, wie wer in orange leuchten !
And we had riders from the Voll Dabei Augsburger Fahrrad Club with us on the parade and whenever the Velodisco was in full groove
their website

The Velonom Prana has arrived!
Just in time for us to leave. A happy Sylvie test riding

The ultimate test begins
Yuba vs Velonom
But really they are brother and sister, standing next to each other in perfect harmony.

A few more impressions from the Augsburger Bike Kitchen
We spent quite a bit of time here, tuning the Velonom up and hanging out with lovely folks.