Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Looking for Hok Braz and other Giants

On our search for giants in Brittany we came acroos the legend of the giant Hok-Braz and retold the story Kamishibai style in a workshop with children at a school in Erquy as part of the Don Quichotte affair at Cap Frehel. 
More to follow on Hok-Braz in the future when we return to Brittany and spend some time in Basse Bretagne.

 St. Jacut de la mer

and the giants we discovered there

and Bernard the Rock or Roche Bernard

 the little finger of Gargantua at Fort-La-Latte

In addition to Gargantua other giants for us to discover on our return to Brittany include Aspicin, Calabardin, Goulaffre, Marcou Braz Struthan, the gentle giants Rounflets and the nasty giant Charagine or buckwheat of Haute Bretagne who eats a whole cows for lunch.and kidnaps women ..

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