Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Grand Hotel Augsburg

During our christmas holidays we went to the Grand Hotel in Augsburg, a cultural space and hotel for artists and refugees.

We made lots of friends.
We celebrated Alma's 7th birthday and made a kamishibai with her and her guests out of cardboard and paper. Alma told us the story of  'Das kleine Maedchen' (pictures to follow soon), we drew it and wrote it and performed it and it was really nice.
Alma was in full flowing story telling mode and Georg began drawing the first scene. But sadly we didn't have enough time to finish that second story and so begins the first of our 'What happens next!?' stories. 'Das Hotel Echse', it begins here in Augsburg and this is were it will return to this summer, completed.

Es war einmal eine Echse, die wohnte im Hotel Hexe
oder es war einmal eine Hexe..!!!

We will be returning to Augsburg to run workshops over a period of two weeks, in collaboration with the Grand Hotel, in time for the Augsburger Friedensfest on August the 8th.